((8-6-02)) GOD! havent been here for an eternity!  finally linked the character bios.  I'm trying to get galleries up ASAP, so just hold on

(6-11-02) Finally got back here, did some re-vamping hope you like, working on getting galleries done asap.

(10-6-01) well I hope other gundam series will come but untill they do I am sotuck with watching 08th MS team over and over I guess people dont linke MSG cause unlike many gundam fans cant see past the crummy animation.  Oh well I imagine as long as the other series are better animated than MSG then they will have noe problem.  On to the site I added a few more mecha specs amlost have them all done umm then I hope to get the guy at gundam plus to let me use his screen caps epsode summaries will come sooner or later I already have premission for someone to post them.

((9-11-01)) GOOD GOD!!!!! Not to quote Bush but this has to be the worst thing since Peral Harbor!!!! I can't belive the inhumanity of this attack! it's wasen't just some military base or some rural farmland but the Twin Towers and the pentagon!!!!  They demolished two buildings over 110 storied hight in less than an hour!!  I hope that with Bush's radical ideas of war those who are responsible for this horrendous tragedy die a very slow and painful death.  My siceriest condolences to all those where were in the incident or are related to those involved.  

((9-10-01)) WOW! this is weird! I already have all the mecha and bios done for this site!!  UMM well I cant put music/vids on my site and I know that brings it down somewhat but I will try to have everything else!