A Private War
In the year UC 0079 2nd Lieutenant Shiro Amada is on his way to earth from Side 2 to become the leader of the 08th MS Team. While approaching the Earth they spot a battle between Zeon and the Federation. Shiro takes out the only Mobile Suit on the shuttle, a RB-79K Ball to support the Federationís troops. In a daring move he shoot out a cord wraps up the Zaku II Test Type and fires at point blank range defeating the Zaku II. At the last moment Shiro and the female pilot manage to leave their suits and drift into a nearby-destroyed Federation Ship. After exchanging a few shoot the Zeon pilot runs out of ammo and then Shiro notices that she is injured and he patches her up. The two pilots team up to find someway of making contact with their organizations. The Zeon pilot gives Shiro her personal watch since his is broken. Strangely enough Shiro finds some fireworks and they launch them off as some sort of signal flare. The Zeon mobile suits come to rescue the Zeon pilot Aina Sakhalin. Terry Sanders Jr. the federation pilot Shiro went to support comes to rescue Shiro.