Gundam in the Jungle
Karen Joshua and Eledore bring Shiro Amada, Terry Sanders Jr. and Michel Ninorich to the base in the jungle. Shiro Amada then meets with Commanding Officer Kojima and assumes his position as head of the 08th MS Team. The Zeon's have a secret base in the jungle so the base is always mobilized. Karen, Eledore and Terry become pilots of RX-79[G] Gundam Mass Production Ground Types. While Eledore and Michel pilot the Type 61 tank. The 08th MS team is sent out to back up the 06th MS team. Shiro spots a Zaku that's attacking the 06th MS team and attacks it. While Shiro is chasing after a Zaku another one is preparing to attack him from behind but Sgt. Sanders attacks and destroys the Zaku with his beam saber. Shiro continues the chase after the Zaku but eventually gets lost in the jungle and his Gundam's systems become disabled. The next morning Shiro leaves his Gundam and goes out to explore. He eventually finds a nice cold stream in the jungle and sees a naked girl swimming in the river so he sits down and decides to watch her. Eventually his watch goes off and the girl turns around and notices him so she pulls out he gun and starts to shot at him. To avoid the bullets Shiro reenters the jungle and see the Zaku from last night. Shiro then returns to his Gundam and waits for the Zaku to approach before opening fire and destroying the Zaku. After destroying the Zaku, Shiro returns to base.