The Time Limit of Their Trust
In the depths of the jungle the 08th MS team destroys a Zaku. After destroying the Zaku's they are under attack by some pillboxes in the mountains. Shiro makes a plan for a sneak attack to commence in three hours, but first he must sneak around the back through a guerilla village. When Shiro reaches the waterfall he is attacked by guerillas and the girl that he saw swimming naked is in charge. Shiro is captured and taken the guerilla's village to meet the leader. Shiro pleads to the leader while the rest of the 08th MS team attacks. The guerilla's and Shiro become allies for the moment because the guerillas want their village to be freed from Zeon. The girl who identifies herself as Kiki Rozita helps convince her father who is the leader of the guerillas. Kiki and Shiro both get in the Gundam to attack Zeon. As the team was preparing to retreat Shiro appears on top of the mountain attacking the Zeon's base. The guerilla's then appear and also start to attack the Zeon's base. Shiro then has an intense fight with Sergeant Ghinus of Zeon in the bottom of a river. The sergeant is defeated, but then flees.