The Devil Above Us
In the sky the Zeon's are testing there new mobile armor called the Apsaras with it's pilot Aina. In the federations base Terry Sanders Jr. starts a fight with another soldier in the 07th MS Team for calling him a "jinx". Eventually Kojima comes in and breaks up the fight. Meanwhile the Zeon's are having a fancy party. Aina reveals to Norris she can go to earth so she can fulfill his brother's dream and bring peace. Back in the jungle Sanders says he resigns to pilot mobile suits. His reason is because every platoon he has been with has been wiped out leaving him the sole survivor by the third mission. Shiro refuses the resignation due to the fact they are on a mission right now. During another test flight with the Apsaras problems occur. After a brief fight with the Zeon, Eledore intercepts a transmission about the Apsaras. Shiro decides to wait in their current location and intercept it. Michel foolishly fires early and alerts Zeon of their position. Karen's mobile suit jumps into the air and gets rammed by the Apsaras and falls back to the ground. The Apsaras comes close to the ground and releases a power energy burst. In pure rage Sanders charges the Apsaras and slices it with his beam saber. Right when Sanders is about to be destroyed Karen and Shiro start firing at it. The Apsaras then flees. Everyone is happy to be alive because the jinx didn't come true.