Standby Orders Violated
Eledore and Michel arrive before the rest of the 08th MS Team to get a resupply. While there, Eledore gets a letter say that his song is going to be played in public. Eledore is so happy that he and Michel go out and party. They "borrow" a motorcycle and head for a town. They arrive at an empty bar and are captured by Zeon soldiers. The rest of the 08th MS Team arrives to find Eledore and Michel missing. Shiro decides that he and Karen will go search for them while Sanders waits for their return. The Zeon's are in the village to repair the Apsaras. The Zeon interrogates Eledore and Michel. While getting interrogated by the Zeon, Eledore says they came to the village to serve the glorious Zeon. This really makes the Zeon mad and they get thrown into a cell. Kiki leaves the village and tells Karen and Shiro where their two missing teammates are. Eledore and Michel get really mad at each other and start a fight. The Zeon guard outside of the cell goes in and tries to stop the fight. But they continue fighting. He gets behind Eledore and Michel accidentally punches out the guard, and they then flee. The fully repaired Apsaras leaves the town right when Shiro and Karen start their attack. Eledore and Michel get in a construction tank and start fighting the Zeon while fleeing, but Eledore refuses to close the hatch and gets injured. After Karen does some medical work on Eledore he is taken away too the field hospital