Frontline in the Desert
Shiro and Kiki have found an area that they believe is a Zeon firing range. In a canyon in that area Karen is exploring some rock that was melted by a beam weapon that turned it into glass. Shiro's mobile suits left foot gets stuck so he and Michel must fix it. Shiro tells Michel to move the foot a little but he continues moving it almost killing Shiro until Kiki stopped him. A letter he got from his girlfriend B.B distracted Michel. The 08th MS team sets up a trap in the canyon to catch the Apsaras. That night Kiki steals Michel's letter from his girlfriend B.B. saying that she wants to forget about him. After waiting for five days Michel is really mad at the commander. He gets mad cause Shiro won't let Kiki take a letter to the main force for it to get sent. Sanders and Michel swap duties cause Michel can't be trusted to do his proper job in the hover tank. During the night they hear Eledore's song on the radio. The next day the Apsaras finally appears. The Apsaras's aims its beam cannon directly at Michel's mobile suit and fires but Shiro plows into it saving Michel. Shiro stays attached to the mobile suit carrying him away. Aina tells him to let go and Shiro notices that it's her. The Apsaras then continues to fly away with Shiro attached.