Shiro gets out of the cockpit of his mobile suit to see if Aina is the pilot of the Apsaras. Aina takes pieces out of her mobile armor and gives it to Shiro to repair his mobile armor. They both know are flying by some snowy mountains. The Apsaras starts to lose altitude, Aina tells Shiro to let go and save himself but Shiro refuses and stops the Apsaras from going off a cliff at the last second. Shiro says he loves Aina a second before he manages to stop the Apsaras. Aina looks like she is about to say that she loves him but them him and his mobile suit falls of the cliff. Shiro manages to eject. The Zeon's detect a federation SOS and send troops to the area.
The Zeon's forces are forced to retreat due to poor weather conditions. Shiro lies down in the snow and falls unconscious. He remembers the time he was on a colony. A Zaku broke through the colony wall and shot out a gas capsule, which had killed everyone. Shiro was alive cause he was wearing a space suit. Aina then wakes him up but he attacks her. Shiro says he doesn't
mind that she has a boyfriend and tells him that the picture in her watch is her brother before kissing Shiro. While Aina is wondering how to heat water, Shiro says to use his mobile suits beam saber. They then both take a bath in the water together. Norris gets info that Odessa has fallen. He knows the balance of power on the earth will know shift. When rescue troops arrive
from both sides Shiro gets dissatisfied by the war and almost gets himself killed. Aina then remotely blows up the Apsaras. Their own sides then rescue both people.