Duty and Ideal
There is a hearing going on for Shiro Amada. The charges are spying. After Shiro says some stuff about kind people on the battlefield all the generals and even the guards at the door starts laughing at him. Shiro is asked if he can shoot his enemy and he answers, "he doesn't know". The court then confines him to quarters. Ghinus is ordered to stop the development of the Apsaras because they need the men and power source for his base. He refuses the order. A group of Zeon soldiers arrive at Kiki's village and asks for food. In a bar the rest of the 08th team hears that Kiki's village was taken over by Zeon troops. The rest of the team informs Shiro about the Zeon. Pop's has a dispatch order so they can move out without getting in trouble. In the village Kiki's is picked up by one of the Zeon soldiers and is eventually dropped. Then one foolish guerilla fires a bazooka directly into the cockpit. When one of the Zeon soldiers are preparing a mobile suit jump another guerilla fires at him. Kiki's father the leader of the guerillas is killed when his house explodes. The rest of the guerillas refuse Shiro's plan to let the Zeon escape. Shiro then disable the commander's mobile suit with a bazooka while Sanders hits the second one with his beam rifle. The guerillas then charge the mobile suit but the commander throws up 3 anti-personnel weapons. Shiro manages to shoot down two of them but the third one kills the guerillas. (Anti-personnel weapons are grenades that explode in the air and rain down a shower of bullets killing many people in a large area) In a rage Shiro shoots the bazooka at the cockpit of the mobile suit killing the commander.