The Federation runs a simulation in which the Apsaras traveling at Mach 11 attacks some ships in space then destroys Jaburo. The Federation officials are all scared so they plan a search and destroy mission. The 08th MS Team will be involved with this mission. The Federation wants to use Shiro's knowing the pilot to their advantage they also have double insurance. Eledore has made his return and Shiro's plan includes finding the base then escaping. The 08th Team does a parachute jump but while in the air Karen encounters the enemy. When Shiro is going down he forces a Zeon plane to stop shooting and they do. When Karen lands she is attacked by an Acguy and loses her mobile suits head. In the Zeon base Aina is helping to carry medical supplies, she accidentally drops a box and finds out that they are using illegal drugs on the soldiers. Sanders tells Shiro that he was ordered to keep an eye on him by Captain Lyer. Sanders and Shiro are then attacked and Shiro is using his new mobile suit the Gundam Ez8. Sanders mobile suits left leg is broken so he can't cover Shiro. Ghinus kills Yuri so the order to terminate the Apsaras never reaches headquarters