Shaking Mountain Part 2
Aina asks Ghinius what happened to the researchers and he replied that they must be drunk somewhere. The Apsaras launches and immediately attack everyone around is shocked. Shiro says he is quitting the military but he's still going to stop Aina. Karen prepares to sniper Shiro from her mobile suit since she was bought off too. Karen starts to shoot at Shiro with her vulcan's but Shiro continues walking away. Aina announces that she wants a cease-fire and that she will stay outside of the border the Apsaras's created. Lyer refuses the offer since they are pointing a weapon directly at them. Aina then stands out the cockpit and the cease-fire is accepted. Lyer then tells them to have a sniper standing by cause they made "no promises". Ghinius then fires the Apsaras's, which eliminates a lot of mobile suits from the federation's troops. The sniper then fires destroying the Zeon medical ship the Keregen. A very mad Aina fires the main weapon of the Apsaras the moment Shiro appears. The main weapon missed but cut and enormous hole all the way through the mountain. After some speech to surrender by Aina to Ghinius, he shoots and she falls straight into the hands of Shiro's mobile suit. Ghinius then fires the main weapon directly at Shiro and Aina they both manage to dodge the blast. But a sniper has already started to attack the Apsaras. Lyer then gives the order to execute Shiro and capture the mobile armor. Kojima refuses the orders from Lyer and gives new orders to capture the mobile armor and arrest Shiro. Aina is alive cause when she was shot it hit her watch. Shiro and Aina both return to the Gundam Ez8 as Kojima hurries to stop the sniper that is after Shiro's life. Right when Shiro is about to destroy the Apsaras with his beam saber the sniper hits him, and his whole left arm and shoulder and melted off. Shiro pushes the Apsaras's away but the federation base is destroyed along with Lyer, and the legs of the Gundam Ez8 were also melted off. The Apsaras and the remains of the Gundam Ez8 fall into a crater on top of the mountain and explode. The remainder of the 08th MS Team runs up the mountain to find Shiro. The war ended after this incident. While the credits are rolling. You see a tent with two sleeping bags and a grave. Michel then writes a letter to B.B. saying they couldn't find the commander but he believes that he is alive. Shiro and Aina are then shown in the light saying they'll live through this together.