Last Resort
December 24, UC 0079 a Zeon ship in the earth's atmosphere filled with children let's the children escape down to earth. Back on earth the war is over and weapons have become scrap metal. The 08th Team was disbanded and sent to different units and places. Michel had quit the military and continues to search for Shiro; he cares the hope of the former team to find him. He's searching with Kiki, and BB got married to some guy and sent Michel a picture. Kiki sees Michel looking at the picture and tears it too shreds, and the shreds float down the river. They then see a spaceship hatch in the river then a full spaceship on the riverbed. Kiki decides to stay in the ship overnight despite Michel's objections. Inside the ship they found discs saying Dr. Flanagan. (He was the first person to do scientific research on newtypes. The next morning they awake on a raft floating down stream captured by some kids. They are taking the Kiki and Michel to see the commander. The commander is another kid he asks for their names but says that they are lying. They burn of the ropes so they can escape they then head towards a graveyard where the kids are. The kids drop some dead body in a grave, Kiki gets mad at this and tells them about respecting the dead. So they have a funeral. The girls name is Aina. They ask where Shiro is and the commander kid says that he is dead buried in the cemetery. Michel gets mad at the commander kid and is smacked over the head by a shovel. When Michel comes too he sees Kiki and some of the kids playing house. That night Kiki and Michel go to the graveyard to dig up Shiro's grave, after finding out that the Aina they buried wasn't the real one. The kids appear and reveal that the grave is empty. The kids reveal they were all living in Dr. Flanagan's institute and all had their memories erased. The kids say they met Shiro and Aina and that they taught them many things then they buried their close and said they would be reborn. The kids say they were named by Shiro after his friends and they will give their names back, but then that commander kid comes and refuses. The kid revealing his name as Shiro Amada attacks Kiki in pure rage. Kiki says that she doesn't want to take their names back. All of a sudden it starts to snow. (Note: In the Jungle!!!!) The kids then use the beam weapon on the abandoned Zaku to heat the water and swim in it. The Shiro kid says that the real Shiro and Aina headed north. Then they all go to sleep together. The next morning the kids are gone and are nowhere to be found. Not even footprints in the snow. Michel thinks they were an illusion or ghosts. Kiki thinks they went searching for a new life and world too. Michel and Kiki eventually find Shiro and a pregnant Aina.