Addon to Episode 08
Miller's Report
The 08th Team is in a canyon trying to catch the Apsaras. Shiro jumps on the Apsaras to save Michel from the Apsaras's beam cannon. Inside a hangar Alice Miller is examining the remains of the Apsaras that was recovered, when Shiro is brought to her. The information collected seems to indicate that Shiro is a spy, in Miller's opinion. Shiro is hypnotized by Miller with either the coffer or the smoke from her cigar to tell her what happened. Shiro tells Miller about how me met Aina and how they survived after the 2 suits crashed into the mountains. (All flashbacks from previous episodes.) Miller sees that Shiro and Aina are in love and a hypnotized Shiro admits. Miller then starts to laugh and holds up a tape recorder revealing she was recording the whole conversation. The 08th Team is in a bar while Shiro's trial goes on. (Another flashback.) Miller talks to Shiro about his speech in trial and about some fed officer who made contact with Zeon but was found dead. She says that Aina is tricking Shiro. Flashback of the 3 Zaku's in Kiki's village. Shiro talks to the commander about the attack and he gives Shiro one last chance. He gives Shiro a mission with a 38% of survival. If he doesn't take the mission all of the 08th Team go to jail. Eledore is dropped back at the base returning from his injury. The team sees Miller pointing a gun at Shiro's face. She prepares to shoot him cause of his ideas of the war and cause she believes he is a Zeon. Miller tells him to swear to kill Zeon or something, but Shiro says he'll fight in his own way. Shiro says that the person who was betrayed by Zeon was Miller, and then the 08th Team calls to Shiro. Shiro makes some speech about not being killers and the entire 08th Team salutes him, this makes Miller mad. Miller then pulls the trigger but then misses Shiro's head. She says she missed, probably intentional. The 08th Team then takes off in a plane.